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ILASS 2020

Every year the European community that is interested in the broad branch of science dealing with multi-phase disperse flows convenes at ILASS conferences. The scientific and industrial communities share ideas, information and technical advances in liquid atomization and spray systems.
Following the 29th ILASS conference in Paris, ILASS 2020 is the 30th European conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systemsץ
This year, our community proves that it can adapt quickly to the changing world due to COVID-19, and will hold a single day meeting, online.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Eran Sher

Technion, IL (Chair)

Dr. Tali Bar-Kohany

 Tel-Aviv University, IL (Chair)

Prof. David Katoshevski


Dr. Yuval Dagan

Technion, IL

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